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No need to worry about designated drivers, parking or finding your way, just sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and activities of Kangaroo Island with Kangaroo Island Tours and Bus Charters.

Offering private tours on Kangaroo Island, our tour and bus charters service is here to take you anywhere you want to go on Kangaroo Island. From airport or accommodation transfers, food and wine tours, wildlife tours, day trips for cruise ship passengers, sightseeing or simply creating a memorable day out with friends and family, we have all your transport needs covered.

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Kangaroo Island Tours and Bus Charters


Kangaroo Island Tours & Bus Charters is a completely locally owned and operated business. This means the money you spend, stays here on Kangaroo Island and benefits local people and businesses.

Colin Childs has lived on Kangaroo Island his entire life and is a son of a Solider Settler. Colin’s children also grew up on Kangaroo Island and have returned here to bring up their own families.

Stories are passed on from generation to generation and include insight into some of the people and places that make Kangaroo Island so unique. Join Colin for a tour of the Island, hear some of the stories from the past and take in some of the breathtaking scenery, sights and locations that can only found here on Kangaroo Island.

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